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Rates & Services

Wireless High-Speed Internet

Internet Access: $39.95/month
Wireless Radio: $182.50+tax (Initial cost = $204.40)
Installation: Cost varies on installation

1500kbs Download speed max.
384kbps Upload speed max.
up to 5 email addresss ( or


Cost of installation depends on difficulty of install. A typical install will take 2.5 hours and cost about $100. (+HST = $112) Customer Premise Equiptment (or radio) is required for your high speed connection. It mounts on a normal sattelite TV-style arm and needs to be pointed to one of our distribution towers. Cable is then run neatly to your computer. For long cable runs beyond 50' an extra charge will apply at a rate of $0.50 per foot. If you have more than one computer or own a laptop or other wireless device, we recommend using a wireless-capable router to share the connection within your home.

Keep your terrain in mind during the site survey, as our service relies heavily on line of sight to our distribution towers. Your installer can determine the best setup for you during this time.

Get Connected!

Contact KiN tech support, to schedule an installation or site survey.

(250) 353-1546 - Kaslo infoNet support technician.

Signup forms are available outside the KiN office door, at 404 Front street, suite 1 upstairs.
You can slip a completed form under the door with payment for the radio and we will contact you.

Please Note: The prices and information stated above, are subject to change without notice.