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About KIN

The Kaslo infoNet Society (KiN) is a small community operated non-profit Internet service provider (ISP). We have limited bandwidth (data capacity of the system) to serve all our customers, and for that reason need to stress that KiN wireless Internet users must show respect to the other users in the system. For example, that would mean disconnecting a VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) or Skype connection after completing a call—rather than leaving the connection open, not remaining connected to IRC (Internet relay chat) for an indefinite length of time, and limiting large downloads.

Please take note that the operation of KiN is based on volunteer labour.  Those who are paid for technical or on-call work receive only a small stipend. While we strive for 100% uptime, we cannot guarantee it. All of those who run KiN have other employment, so we cannot always respond immediately to situations causing downtime.  Customers who need 100% uptime should consider a back up service, such as a dial-up or satellite connection.

Billing Information

We bill by email, and need a valid email address that you check regularly for this purpose. Invoices and statements are sent out in  PDF format; PDF readers are available as free downloads on the Internet. You can pay online at Kootenay Savings Credit Union or the Bank of Montreal.

Subscribers more than three months behind on their monthly payment (or $134.00 in arrears) will have their service disconnected. There are several different ways to pay. When you receive your bill, you will note that on the right there is an invoice number. This number is made up of your three digit account number with us, followed by the month and the year (xxx-xx-xx). You need to have your account number on all bill payments to make sure we credit the right account.  If you pay by check, mail it to KiN, box 1081, Kaslo, BC, VOG IMO, or slide it under the office door at 404 Front St., Suite 1, upstairs.

Make sure your account number's on the check. We don't accept postdated checks; however, our bookkeeping system works on the basis of your balance. If you have a credit balance, you won't get bills until the credit is gone, so feel free to pay your KiN account ahead.  If you pay by cash or direct deposit, our account number with KSCU is 495523. You may transfer funds directly to our account. Again, be sure your account number is on the transfer.

Most subscribers pay online. To do this you must be set up with on line banking at Kootenay Savings Credit Union. Go to 'pay bills', then 'add payee'. Type in Kaslo Infonet Society, and then on the next screen type in your three digit account number. This should add us to your list of payees.

Other Charges

We give you 10 GB/month as part of your KiN internet account. Usage above that amount each month will be billed at the rate of $2/GB. If you wish us to disconnect your service, we will, free of charge.

There is a $10 reconnection charge. If you were disconnected for non payment, the reconnection charge is $25 upon payment of the outstanding balance.


If you have problems with your email not associated with setup (too much spam, for instance) we will do our best to resolve your concerns. You should be aware that certain Internet activities result in spam, and there may come a time when we can do no more than set our spam filters as high as possible—with the risk of possible rejection of some valid email.


The equipment you have purchased is warranted for 90 days against failure caused by manufacturer’s defects. We will also repair or replace the radio, power supply and any cable we supply if damaged by lightning during this period. If the manufacturer upgrades the radio’s operating program we will install such upgrades automatically for you.  During the initial 90 days, we will visit you if the quality of service is not up to your expectations, if we cannot determine the cause remotely.  If you move to another dwelling in our service area, you may take your radio with you. There will be an installation fee to connect at the new dwelling.  Receiving the internet signal depends on your home power supply. If the electrical power becomes disconnected (circuit breaker trips, the Point-of-Entry box gets unplugged, etc.)  check the back panel of the radio. If there are no lights lit, check to make sure there is power to the unit (e.g. plug a lamp into the outlet supplying power to the POE box) before calling for service.

Power surges are beyond our capacity to control; surge suppression devices you purchase &/or have installed are a good investment. KiN cannot protect your computer from malicious attacks and we strongly suggest installing firewall and anti-virus software. Any high speed Internet service is unlike dial-up service, in that your computer can be accessed remotely whenever it is on and connected to our quipment. Please protect your network and/or computers with AntiVirus software and a firewall or router.  Our equipment ends either at your router, or the point at which the cable plugs into your computer. Our service inside your computer is restricted to the initial setup and any subsequent trouble shooting of the email addresses we supply. If you need help with anything past that point you will be charged our standard rate for service.

This document is posted on our web site, under the heading 'About Us', or on,  under 'wireless internet' or at We may alter it from time to time. Such changes will be posted to the web sites, and will be effective as of the posting date.  Customers will be notified of any substantial changes (rate increases, for example) by email.

Billing Inquiries

Call or fax the KiN office at:  250-353-2305

- email:

Harvey Armstrong, Treasurer

For service in the Lardeau Valley or in the Kaslo area:

Call: 250-353-1546 353-1-K i N *

email: or

Technical support department